How To Use Apental Calc

The use of this application very handy and straightforward, but, you need to follow the rules of using an Auto Liker before going fast-forward.Whenever you try to use an Application which provides you free likes on Facebook, you should get to know that without of these changes that will not work for you.There are people who put impressions on your profile; they are not your friends or family. They are unknown, so you need to remember, to change the profile settings.

Like, you have tightened the security over your Facebook account, and you did not allow the public or common users to comment on your posts, or to like your status or share your content, auto Liker will not work for you, same for Apental.So, change the Facebook settings

  • Everyone should comment, like or share your content on Facebook
  • Everyone from the public could send you a friend request
  • And everyone could message you on Facebook or contact you
  • And enable the Follower settings, to enable this you should be at least 18 years old. 

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